Best Cities in Texas to Live, Work, and Play

Best Cities in Texas to Live, Work, and Play: Why Katy, Fulshear, and Houston are dominating the real estate rankings

Hi fellow Houstonians and those eager to join us!
Did you know that Houston, Katy, and Fulshear are not just some of the best places to live in Texas, but across the entire United States? 
Houston, Katy, and Fulshear are not just on the map for the best places to live – they are at the top of the list! From top-tier schools to hot real estate markets, we're making waves nationwide. 
Our communities are not just excelling, they're leading the pack! Katy, Fulshear, and Houston have each received significant recognition in numerous reports and rankings, solidifying their places on the map of desirable Texan locales.
I’ve rounded up the latest lists of National and Texas rankings that show us why Katy, Fulshear, and Houston are the best places to live, work, and play! 
Spoiler alert: we're on a roll! Let’s dive in, shall we?!
Houston Landed on the Top 10 List of America’s Best Cities
Houston is — officially — one of ‘America’s best cities’! Recognized as the 9th best city in the U.S., Houston got high scores for our abundance of Fortune 500 companies, vibrant food scene, and a plethora of family-friendly attractions.
Houston is undeniably a "stealthy powerhouse on the rise."
Americans want to move to Texas
A National Crush: Texas is the most attractive state for out-of-state buyers in the U.S.
Texas, with its unique blend of Southern charm, booming economy, and vibrant cities like Houston, Katy, and Fulshear, is currently the number one searched state among people looking to relocate, according to a recent report by MoverDB.

In fact, the population grew by $4 million between 2010 and 2020, with half of those people moving from abroad or out of state. The cost of living in the Lone Star State is 8% lower than the national average, and Texas is one of just nine states with no income tax — with Florida among the others. 

Which out-of-state residents dream of Texas? Overall, Californians did the most online searching for Texas properties.
To see which states are dreaming of Texas and the list of other highly sought-after states, CLICK HERE. 
Katy & Cypress Landed Spots on the Top 10 List of the ‘Hottest’ in the Country for buying real estate 
Arguably Houston's hottest suburbs, Katy's 77494 and Cypress's 77433 zip codes are making national headlines on the Hottest ZIP Codes in America report. 

Katy’s 77494 clinched the #1 spot in Texas and was named the third hottest zip code in America for homebuyers. Not just a one-time success, Katy secured the No. 3 spot for two consecutive years, thanks to its family-focused neighborhoods and the unbeatable Katy ISD.

Proving that the Houston area is arguably the hottest market in America, another local suburb, Cypress’ 77433,  earned seventh place in the nation, marking the suburb as another up-and-coming family hotspot.

Did you know that half of first-time home buyers say “family” is the top reason they decided to purchase a home in 2022? Katy and Cypress both attract homeowners for their proximity to major employers while still being a good fit for families.
Katy ISD was named the #1 school district in the Greater Houston area, solidifying the choice for families who are finding more reasons to call Katy home.
To see where people are buying homes, Opendoor analyzed data from multiple listing sources to compile their list of the top ZIP codes in the nation. CLICK HERE to see what other cities made the list.
Katy ISD Schools: A Leading School District in Texas
For the second consecutive year, Katy ISD was named the #1 school district in the Greater Houston area, and #12 in the entire state of Texas. 
For families contemplating moving to Katy, Texas, the educational environment is undoubtedly a top priority. That's where Katy Independent School District (ISD) truly shines. For two consecutive years, Katy ISD has held the #1 spot among school districts in the Greater Houston area. 
Out of more than a thousand school districts evaluated across Texas, Katy ISD continues to lead the pack, claiming the 12th spot statewide. This isn't surprising when you consider the top-notch faculty, innovative programs, and the dedicated community supporting our students.
Katy ISD received an A+ overall grade according to the 2023 Niche Best Schools list, with more A+ grades for College Prep and Diversity. Niche also gave the district A grades for Academics, Teachers, Clubs & Activities, and Administration.
Several Katy ISD elementary, junior high, and high schools also earned their place in the Top 25 list for their respective categories. This consistency across all levels further solidifies the district's standing as an educational leader in our state.
Elementary Schools: Katy ISD Elementary Schools swept the top 12, with 15 schools that placed in the top 25. 
Middle Schools/Junior High: 6 Katy ISD Junior Highs ranked within the top 10, with a total of 8 that made the top 25 list. 
High Schools: 3 Katy ISD High Schools made it into the top 10, with 4 that placed within the top 25.
HERE is the full list of KISD schools that claimed spots in the top 25 and HERE is the full ratings report card for Katy ISD.
The superior Katy ISD is a driving factor for families when deciding which Houston area suburb to call home. 
Cinco Ranch: Texas's Number One Place to Live
Named as the #1 place to live in Texas, Cinco Ranch sets the standard for quality living. If you're thinking of moving to Cinco Ranch, in Katy, Texas, you're on the right track. Cinco Ranch claimed the number one spot for the best places to live in Texas! A combination of excellent schools, friendly communities, and bustling local amenities make Cinco Ranch the dream Texas suburb.
Cinco Ranch took the top spot in the Greater Houston area and in the entire state of Texas for Best Places to Live, Best Places to Raise a Family, Best Suburbs to Live, and Best Suburbs to Raise a Family. On the national stage, Cinco Ranch was ranked #16 out of 6,818 on the list of Best Suburbs to Live in America.
Here’s a look at where Cinco Ranch placed across all categories named in Niche’s annual 2023 report: 
  • Best Places to Live in Texas - #1 of 1,030
  • Best Places to Live in the Houston Area -  #1 of 165
  • Best Places to Raise a Family in Texas - #1 of 1,030
  • Best Places to Raise a Family in Houston - #1 of 165
  • Best Suburbs to Live in Texas - #1 of 416
  • Best Suburbs to Live in the Houston Area #1 of 81
  • Places With the Best Public Schools in Texas - #9 of 708
  • Places With the Best Public Schools in Houston - #1 of 82
  • Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Texas - #16 of 416
  • Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Houston - #4 of 81
  • Best Suburbs to Live in America - #16 out of 6,818
As a Realtor who lives in Cinco Ranch and has helped countless families relocate to the area for the past 15 years, these rankings are not surprising! Cinco Ranch’s endless amenities, proximity to major highways, access to the best public schools in Texas, and a consistently thriving real estate market make it an ideal place to call home. 
CLICK HERE for Cinco Ranch's full rating report card.
Fulshear, Texas Makes the list of The Best Suburbs in Texas for City-Like Living
Which suburbs offer the best combination of a suburban community with the benefits of big-city living? A recent study analyzed Texas suburbs using criteria like business, shopping and dining options, education, healthcare, safety, new construction, affordability, and demographics to determine which Texas suburbs offer the best of both worlds.
Fulshear, Texas was the highest-ranking Houston suburb on the list coming in at #6. 
The Appeal of Suburban Life in Fulshear
A newcomer on the rise, Fulshear has captured the hearts of many people seeking the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban amenities. Over the past five years, Fulshear's population has quadrupled, and it's now the second-highest-ranking city in Texas for building permits, especially in the master-planned community sector. This means a lot of new, exciting developments are on the horizon.
Fulshear was also recognized as the safest city in Texas. For families and individuals seeking peace of mind, Fulshear delivers on that promise.
For those who love the peaceful vibes of the suburbs without losing out on the perks of city living, moving to Fulshear, Texas, is a solid choice! 
CLICK HERE to see what other Texas suburbs made the list. 
Houston named #1 in the nation for real estate development 
Houston Real Estate: A Decade of Unmatched Growth
When it comes to real estate development, Houston is leading the nation. Over the last decade, Houston's business-friendly environment and comparative affordability of living have spurred unmatched growth in residential, industrial, and commercial construction, making Space City the nation's premier hotspot for real estate development.
From issuing a mind-blowing 55,600 single-family building permits to leading the nation in industrial construction, Houston is an unstoppable powerhouse. Our city's unique blend of thriving business across all sectors, affordability, and adaptability paints a bright future for the Houston real estate market!
CLICK HERE for a detailed breakdown of all the stats that propelled Houston to #1 on the list.
Wrapping It Up: Your Texas Dream Awaits
Now more than ever, Texas—and specifically Houston, Katy, and Fulshear—emerges as a shining star in the real estate landscape. 
So, what's causing this Texas-sized attraction? It's not just our barbecues and cowboy boots, although they certainly add to the charm. It’s the thriving job market across all sectors, Katy ISD’s recognition as the #1 school district, the best master-planned communities in Texas like Cinco Ranch, and the camaraderie of a safe small-town community with easy access to big-city amenities that Fulshear offers.

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