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Houston's Top-Selling Suburbs

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  1. Houston's Top 10 Suburbs
  2. Houston's Premier Suburban Real Estate Markets Surge Ahead
  3. Exploring Houston's Suburban Gems
  4. Houston's Top 10 Suburban Markets: February 2024 Snapshot
  5. Master-Planned Communities: Shaping Your Lifestyle
  6. Expert Guidance for Your Houston Real Estate Journey


Houston's Top 10 Suburbs

Houston's Premier Suburban Real Estate Markets Surge Ahead

The latest market statistics for the Houston area are out, and communities like Katy, Cypress, and Fort Bend are leading the charge. With home sales in the Houston area on the rise for the second consecutive month, the suburbs west of the city are witnessing unprecedented growth, welcoming more homeowners than ever.

Exploring Houston's Suburban Gems

Katy, Richmond, and Cypress are once again at the forefront of suburban real estate success. Whether you're looking to sell, buy, or simply satiate your curiosity about the suburban markets making waves, this is your go-to guide for the inside scoop.


Animated GIF cycling through Houston's top suburban real estate markets for 2024, including Cypress South, Lake Conroe, and Katy/Southwest, showcasing vibrant community images and key sales data.


Houston's Top 10 Suburban Markets: February 2024 Snapshot

Dive into the heart of Houston's suburban real estate with a closer look at the top-performing markets by sales volume:

  • Cypress South: 213 transactions | $496,833 avg. sales price
  • Lake Conroe: 191 transactions | $369,727 avg. sales price
  • Katy/Southwest: 167 transactions | $515,333 avg. sales price
  • Fort Bend South/Richmond: 165 transactions | $334,280 avg. sales price
  • Northwest Houston: 146 transactions | $277,674 avg. sales price
  • Katy/Old Towne: 140 sales | $392,413 avg. price
  • Spring Northeast: 125 sales | $419,324 avg. price
  • Fort Bend/North Richmond: 124 sales | $442,026 avg. price
  • League City: 123 sales | $408,367 avg. price
  • Porter/New Caney West: 123 sales | $255,700 avg. price

Master-Planned Communities: Shaping Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right community is pivotal, shaping your daily lifestyle in profound ways. Yet, many buyers rush their decision without exploring all options.

Finding Your Ideal Houston Suburb

With an array of master-planned communities boasting resort-style amenities and top-rated schools, deciding on the right Houston suburb can be daunting. Discover the 12 top-selling neighborhoods that have earned a spot on the nation's "2023 Top Selling Master-Planned Communities" list.

For a comprehensive overview, here’s a look at HAR’s Top 10 Hottest Communities.


Expert Guidance for Your Houston Real Estate Journey

Navigating Houston's real estate market requires expertise, firsthand knowledge, and a deep understanding of its dynamics. As a fourth-generation Houstonian with 15 years of experience, I'm here to provide you with the insights and strategies you need.

Do you need an insider’s knowledge of what each of these top Houston area neighborhoods has to offer and tailored strategies on how to leverage the current real estate market to your advantage? benefit? Contact me directly at 832.594.1265 or [email protected] to elevate your real estate journey with an expert by your side. 


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